The Writer

meBWI tend to think of myself as something like the Optimist Invader of a pessimists mind. I find refuge in the mysteries and tensions of life; stuff like the love of God, the mystery of suffering and joy, and how we all got to this place and made it this far, anyway.

My goals are ambitious: world peace and all that. But I will settle for a reader who maybe (just maybe!) finds a little bit of solace, hope, encouragement and or even a little bit of love in what I have to say.

I started writing when I was very young, but I never finished a story because I found writing to be very hard. Writing is hard, and you have to work at it. I had no concept of that as a lad, but I do now. The demand of writing is making it all work – fitting all the words together and making pretty flowers out of them. But the hardest part is keeping it honest. I will be working all my life to figure out how to do that. Maybe there are some people out there who can spit out words a mile a minute and it is always beautiful, first brush. That is not me. But there is joy in the process. And that joy is why I write.

I am a columnist and regular contributor at the Catholic Stand. My writing pilgrimage is a journey to the heart of Jesus and it is an exploration of faith and the wonders of it all.

I am glad to be going along with you.